Covid-19 Safety Plans


Contingency Plans
We have made contingency plans for four possibilities for the 2020-2021 school year. We are currently on PLAN C as of 8/24/20 because our county is currently on the watch- list by the state of California. We will only move to the other plans listed if we are granted a waiver or are removed from the state watch-list.


5 day (Mon-Fri) on-campus instruction


The state or county limits student numbers on campus, (hybrid model).

Students will attend 5-consecutive days on alternating weeks. (K-4 students week, 5-8 students week). On weeks students are not on campus teachers will continue to provide instruction via distance learning. During “off-campus” weeks, each classroom will be cleaned and disinfected. All supplies, books and work will be sent home on the Friday before a distance learning week. All on-campus extracurricular programs will be cancelled.


State or county health department mandates distance learning.

If distance learning is mandated by the state or county, Hilltop will provide distance learning 5 days a week. Student Chromebooks will be deployed for student use in the homes. Grab & Go bags will be prepared weekly for students which contain supplies, books, and work needed to carry out lesson plans for each week. Grab & Go bags will be made



available throughout the week for parents to pick-up. The first two weeks of distance learning will be paper/pencil type work, school work will be provided by the classroom teacher. Additionally, the first two weeks will be devoted to getting families set-up and ensuring students know how to login and work out any technical issues prior to online instruction. After week two, regular classroom instruction and additional online assignments will be given to students. This will increase in increments of time as outlined below. All on-campus extracurricular activities will be cancelled.

Daily instruction time requirements: Teachers will provide daily instruction, checking in with students, working with students individually/small groups and making personal connections. The time requirements listed below follow California distance learning weekly minutes.

Modified Time requirements are as follows:

K: 3 hours daily, Mon-Fri
1/2 : 3 hours and 40 minutes daily, Mon-Fri 3-8 : 4 hrs daily, Mon-Fri


On-Campus with Distance Learning Option

If the county grants our school reopening for on campus instruction, distance learning will still be available live each day for families choosing to keep their child(ren) home.
Visual and audio equipment will be installed in each classroom for distance learners to follow daily live instruction. Daily instruction will primarily be given via Zoom. It is the expectation that

if a student(s) remains home for distance learning, there will be an adult available to assist with connectivity issues, and general assistance for school work.



For distance learners: classwork, homework, communication will be sent via student/parent email and google classroom as necessary. Alternatively, parents can pick-up student(s) work on a weekly basis. Pick-up and drop-off of work will need to be arranged and coordinated with the child(s) teacher(s).
If at any point a family chooses to have their distance learner return to on-campus learning, a TWO-WEEK NOTICE will need to be given to the school and classroom teacher so preparations can be made for a safe return. Once a student returns for on-campus learning it is the expectation that the student will remain an on-campus learner for the remainder of the school year unless there is a shelter-in-place order mandated by the state or county or an increase in confirmed Covid-19 cases on campus.
*If a parent/guardian is requesting to have partial week distance learning and partial on- campus learning this is still an option with approval from administration. There will need to be set days for distance learning and set days for on-campus learning. On campus learning must be all day. There is no partial day or part-time on campus learning (ex. 9:00am-12:00pm).

1. Local Conditions to Guide Reopening

This guidance is in accordance with current health orders from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) as of June 8, 2020. It is important to note that there will undoubtedly be continued community spread of COVID-19 well into the fall. The goal is to have practical recommendations in place to minimize risk while still allowing for in-class learning to resume.



2. Plan to Address Student(s) with a fever/symptoms while at school

Students who develop symptoms of illness while at school will be separated from others right away in a designated quarantine room in the school office. If more than one
student is in the quarantine room, physical distancing with facemask will be enforced. Any students or staff exhibiting symptoms will immediately don a face covering and wait in an isolation area until they can be transported home or to a healthcare facility. Isolated students will receive continued supervision and care until picked up by an authorized adult. There is no need for others who had contact with the sick person to quarantine themselves while waiting for results of the test.

Temperature checks will be conducted at the start of each school day with all teachers, staff, and students. Temperatures that reach 100.4 parents will be notified to pick-up their child.

3. Entrance, Egress, and Movement within the School

  • -  Minimized contact at school between students, staff, families, and the community at the beginning and end of the school day.

  • -  Minimized movement of students and teachers or staff as much as practicable. Students will remain in the same space and in groups as small and consistent as practicable.

  • -  Maximize space between seating and desks (four to six feet).

  • -  Mechanical barriers will be used when physical distancing is not possible.

  • -  Orientation of desks so students are not facing each other.

  • -  Limit nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups.



  • -  The use of non-classroom space for instruction, including regular use of outdoor space.

  • -  We will minimize congregate movement through hallways as much as practicable.

  • -  Staff monitor arrival and dismissal to curtail congregating and ensure students go

    straight from vehicle to their classroom, and vice versa.

  • -  Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or

    organizations will be restricted.

  • -  Any visitors, volunteers must report to the office upon arrival for a temperature

    check and health screening question.

  • -  Entry/Exit Points: Upon arrival/dismissal for school each day, students will either

    go directly to their classroom designated entry/exit area at 8:20am or morning care from 7:00am-8:20am. Kindergarten students will enter/exit downstairs through gym entrance, 1/2 grade students will enter/exit downstairs near 1/2 classrooms, 3/4 grade students will enter/exit through main lobby entrance, 5-8 students will enter/exit upstairs on the ramp near the 5th-8th grade classrooms.

  • -  There will be an after school care sign-up list. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have to limit students in after school care to 25 students. Priority will be given to families who have siblings at Hilltop and parents who are frontline workers.

  • -  Discontinue self-service food or beverage distribution in the cafeteria. Food/beverage will be served directly to each student.

  • -  Lunch: Lower grade students (K-2 will eat lunch in their classrooms), 3-8 grade students will eat in the cafeteria and outdoor eating areas with staggered lunch times. All students are encouraged to bring a cold lunch (does not require heating) or order a hot lunch from school to reduce microwave use in a classroom or cafeteria.



  • -  All school programs where there is a general assembly of people will be virtual or online “live” meetings.

  • -  After school student pick-up will be by car line at the designated dismissal times (K- 2 2:00PM, 3-8 2:50PM)

  • -  After school enrichment classes will continue with limited enrollment and social distancing in place. Enrichment teachers will be required to check-in at the office for temperature check and screening questions.

    4. Hygiene

    Hilltop will teach and reinforce – to both students and staff – healthy hygiene practices such as washing hands; avoiding contact with one’s eyes, nose and mouth; and covering coughs and sneezes. Other methods to promote healthy hygiene include the following:

  • -  HCS Staff will model and practice hand washing.

  • -  Portable hand washing station will be placed near playground.

  • -  Teach and reinforce the proper use of cloth face coverings, masks, or face shields.

    Cloth face coverings are most essential in settings where physical distancing is not


  • -  Students and staff will be frequently reminded not to touch their face covering and

    to wash their hands frequently.

  • -  Information will be provided to staff, students, and students’ families on the proper

    use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings.

  • -  Adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, tissues, no-

    touch trash cans, face coverings, and hand sanitizer throughout our campus.



5. Protective Equipment

  • -  All teachers, staff, volunteers will be required to wear a faceshield or facemask. Students in grades K-2 will not be required to wear a mask however it will be strongly encouraged each day for grades K-2. Students in grades 3-8 will be required to wear a mask and it can only be removed for eating and drinking. Face mask and shields will be provided to all students K-8 by the school. Facemask and faceshields will also be provided to all teachers and staff. Disposable makes are readily available for any visitor.

  • -  All sinks will have soap and fragrance-free 60% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer.

  • -  All classrooms will have latex gloves, face masks, face shields for all students and


  • -  Hand washing stations with soap and/or fragrance-free 60% ethyl alcohol hand

    sanitizer will be made available in classrooms.

  • -  Handwashing stations will be installed outdoors.

  • -  Face coverings will be made available to students and staff.

  • -  Plexiglass installed in office and cafeteria

  • -  Plexiglass installed in classrooms

    6. Physical Distancing

  • -  Minimize contact at school between students, staff, families, and the community at the beginning and end of the school day.

  • -  Minimize the movement of students and teachers or staff as much as practicable. Students will remain in one classroom throughout the day.

  • -  Maximize space between seating and desks (four to six feet).

  • -  Mechanical barriers should be used when physical distancing is not possible.



  • -  Orient desks so students are not facing each other.

  • -  Limit nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving other groups.

  • -  Non-classroom space for instruction, including regular use of outdoor space.

  • -  Minimize congregate movement through hallways as much as practicable. Hallways

    will have one direction of flow throughout the day.

  • -  Serve meals in classrooms or outdoors instead of cafeteria

  • -  Classroom configuration will be reconfigured for maximum space between students,

    4-6 feet of social distancing at all times.

  • -  Avoid sharing of foods and utensils

  • -  Staggered lunches, recesses, and other breaks to maintain smaller groups of

    students in shared spaces and/or holding recess activities in separate areas

    designated by class.

  • -  Limited communal activities where practicable.

  • -  Procedures will be implemented in the classroom for turning in assignments in

    ways that minimize contact.

    7. Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • -  Classrooms and common areas will be disinfected daily following the CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing in schools.

  • -  Limit use of shared playground equipment. Outdoor equipment will be fogged with disinfectant daily.

  • -  Limit the sharing of objects and equipment, such as toys, games, and art supplies, to the extent practicable. But where allowed, clean and disinfect between uses.

  • -  Cleaning and disinfecting will occur daily both indoor and outdoor.

  • -  Proper ventilation during cleaning and disinfecting.



  • -  Merv-13 filters have been installed in all HVAC units.

  • -  Disinfecting stations strategically placed throughout the school. These stations are

    placed in areas where students are more likely to gather.

  • -  Water fountains will be turned-off however water bottle filling stations will remain

    on and additional water bottle filling stations will be installed. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles from home. Water bottle filling stations will be cleaned and disinfected daily.

    8. Cohorting

  • -  Children will be grouped in stable cohorts of no more than 12

  • -  Teachers and students in those cohorts will not be allowed to mix with another Cohort

  • -  Grades with more than 12 children will be split into multiple cohorts

  • -  Cohorts will not share materials, and children within a cohort will not share

    materials and supplies

    9. Employee Issues

- All-staff trained on Covid-19 safety, cleaning and disinfecting protocol. Training included:

* Physical distancing implementation
* Symptom screening implementation, including temperature check *Use of protective equipment
*Cough and sneeze etiquette/ Hands away from face
* Frequent handwashing and proper technique
* Confidentiality around health recording and reporting.



10. The Administration will be the liaison(s) responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns. Administration includes the school Principal and Administrative Assistant.

11. Testing of Teachers and Staff

We have secured a working agreement with PMH Laboratory, Inc., who will come to our campus to provide testing for our staff and students on site. We will test 25% of staff every two weeks and 100% of staff every two months. Their lab runs results within 72 hours and their reporting to the health department is deemed. We will schedule these testing events on our campus twice a month. We are requiring all staff members on our campus to be tested at least once a month through this service. Students are also invited to participate in this testing on a voluntary basis. Students identified as symptomatic will be required to be tested and not allowed to return to campus without confirmation of a negative test result. Students identified as having been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID19 will be asked to be tested during their 14 day quarantine to help us assess any possible further exposure of students. If a family member of a student is waiting for test results due to symptoms, we will also ask that student to remain home until the results come back negative and the family member has been symptom free for 72 hours. While waiting for test results we will instruct parents of students who have been in close contact with a known case or are suspected of infection to keep their students home and quarantined. If a family member of a student is waiting for test results due to symptoms, we will also ask that student to remain home until the results come back negative and the family member has been symptom free for 72 hours.



12. Contact Tracing

School administration (Principal and Administrative Assistant) will be the direct point of contact as liaison between local county (CCHS and school). All students/staff/volunteers will use the temperature kiosk each day upon arrival. If a confirmed case of Covid-19 occurs on our campus, daily records will be collected and released to the county (CCHS) by our school administration who is our point of contact.

13. Communication to Parents

Communication will be consistent with privacy requirements outlined by FERPA and HIPPA. Immediate Communication to parents in the form of an email and letter will be sent to: teachers, staff, parents will be sent home immediately by school administration if there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the classroom.

14. Communication with Students, Parents, Employees, Public Health Officials and the Community
HCS will educate students/parents/employees on the importance of healthy hygiene practices, understanding and monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19, physical distancing, and available mental health resources. If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 on campus, HCS administration will notify the local health department as well as the families of the students who were exposed. Families will be notified via letters sent home from the school and via email. All communication will be consistent with privacy requirements outlined by FERPA and HIPPA.



15. Daily Screening

Please help us by doing a quick visual and verbal check of everyone in your home to make sure you are all free of symptoms.

  • Fever or chills

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea

    If you or anyone in your home is exhibiting symptoms, do not come to school. Instead, please call the Office (925) 778-0214 and let us know, and we’ll let you know the next steps.

    16. Covid-19 Testing for Students

    If a student(s) shows symptoms of Covid-19 they will be isolated in the school office and parents will be notified immediately. Parent/Guardian will need to consult with their child’s pediatrician if a Covid-19 test should be completed. Student will not be allowed to return to campus until they are symptom free for 72 hours. If a student needs to be tested for Covid- 19 the parent/guardian will need to have the test completed via their private insurance.



In the U.S., the Pediatrician will determine whether to conduct tests for COVID-19 based on your child's signs and symptoms, as well as whether your child has had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or traveled to or lived in any areas with ongoing community spread of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Staff Training and Family Education

Many staff were trained this summer on COVID safety procedures and cleaning routines. Our local department of education has Summer training all staff had to attend. A staff supplement describing new health procedures was distributed to all teachers and staff and was reviewed with each staff member. Many of those procedures have been added to this document.

A health handbook for parents and staff and this reopening plan will be distributed to everyone returning to campus. Everyone returning to campus will be required to follow all protocols and guidelines in the handbook and reopening plan.
Weekly email and newsletter communication will go home to families informing them of ways to stay safe, social distancing, and handwashing reminders will be sent home weekly. All staff will be re-trained, and required to review our health and safety protocols before coming on campus for the fall. Parents will be required to read and follow all new COVID health and safety procedures. Teachers will spend time each week in class reviewing safety and cleaning procedures with children.



Triggers for Distance Learning

If a student, family member, or teacher tests positive, their cohort would switch to distance learning for two weeks, and we would ask all members of the cohort (and cohorts of siblings) to get tested.

If more than two cohorts had a positive test, we would consult public health and have the entire elementary program switch to distance learning for at least two weeks.

We are fully prepared to switch to distance learning at any time should a student, family member, or teacher tests positive for Covid-19.

FAQ: From Contra Costa County Office of Education
Q: If a student or teacher tests positive, with or without symptoms, will we need to close a class or an entire school?
A: Not necessarily. Next steps are determined on a case-by-case basis. Contra County Health Services (CCHS) will conduct contact tracing to determine who, if anyone, may have had close contact with the person who tested positive and will provide guidance to the school, including whether a school or class closure is recommended. Whenever a positive case is confirmed on campus, the school should perform a thorough cleaning of areas where the person spent time, especially high-contact surfaces.
Q: If a parent is diagnosed with COVID-19, will their student need to self-isolate 14 days before returning to school?
A: If a student or staff has a household member that tests positive for COVID-19, the student will be ordered to quarantine at home for 14 days.